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Make your way to Import and Export Certificate and take your business international as we guide you through the process and assist you in every stage of applying.

About the Service

Secure Your Import Export Code with Rapid Consulting

Ready to take your business international? Get your export journey off to a smooth start with Rapid Consulting's expert guidance on securing your Import Export Code (IEC) certificate.

Unlock Global Opportunities with an IEC

  • Essential for Import & Export: The IEC is your mandatory gateway to international trade, allowing you to import and export goods seamlessly.
  • Simplified Customs Clearance: Avoid delays and hassles at customs with your valid IEC certificate.
  • Access Government Schemes: Leverage benefits like preferential duty schemes and export promotion incentives.
  • Enhanced Business Credibility: Showcase your commitment to international trade and attract global partners.

Here’s What We Offer

  • Eligibility Assessment: Ensure you meet all criteria and choose the right IEC category for your business.
  • Streamlined Application Process: We handle the online application efficiently, minimizing errors and delays.
  • Document Assistance: Gather and submit all required documents accurately and complete the process swiftly.
  • Liaison with Authorities: Handle communications with government departments and ensure smooth approval.


  • Save Time & Resources: Focus on expanding your business while we handle the IEC complexities.
  • Minimize Risks: Avoid penalties and delays with expert guidance and accurate application processing.
  • Gain Credibility: Present a professional image to international partners with your valid IEC certificate.
  • Unlock Growth Potential: Tap into the vast global market and accelerate your business success.

Understanding import-export certificate services in India  regulations is crucial for businesses looking to expand their operations globally. Rapid Consulting provides a comprehensive guide to help navigate the complexities of international trade, obtain necessary certificates, and comply with local and international trade laws.

 Key Points:

 1. Import-Export Basics: Rapid Consulting simplifies the process by offering expert guidance on obtaining the necessary certificates and complying with trade laws.

2. Import Certificates: Rapid Consulting assists businesses in understanding the documentation required for customs clearance and ensures compliance with regulations imposed by both exporting and importing countries.

3. Export Certificates: Rapid Consulting guides clients through the application process for export certificates, facilitating smooth transactions and minimizing delays.

4. Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Their expertise helps businesses navigate potential risks, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and minimizing disruptions to supply chains and to obtain import export certificate services in Haryana

5. Customized Solutions: Rapid Consulting provides tailored solutions to address specific import-export challenges, offering personalized guidance to meet clients' objectives.

 In conclusion, Rapid Consulting's comprehensive services empower businesses to navigate the complexities of global trade with confidence, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating seamless cross-border transactions.


Don't wait to go global! Contact Rapid Consulting for a free consultation and discover how acquiring your IEC with our help can open doors to international trade opportunities.

Call us at 9467248028 or fill out our online form today!

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