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Revolutionize Textile Parks in Haryana: Rapid Consulting offers a 40% capital subsidy, capped at Rs. 20 Crore, for textile park setups. Additional perks include 100% stamp duty reimbursement for land acquisition, and 50% subsidy on civil infrastructure and plant & machinery costs, up to Rs. 10 Crore, for ZLD plants. Our end-to-end services ensure seamless project execution, from consultation to subsidy disbursement and beyond. Join us to transform your textile park aspirations into reality and drive economic growth in Haryana

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Haryana's Textile Park Scheme: Enhancing Infrastructure and Competitiveness in TextilesIntroductionThe Government of Haryana has introduced the Textile Park Scheme as part of the Haryana AatmaNirbhar Textile Policy 2022-25. This scheme aims to support the textile industry by developing integrated textile parks that provide modern infrastructural facilities, such as internal roads, power and fuel distribution systems, and common facilities like effluent treatment plants and Zero Liquid Discharge systems.Objectives and Quantum of AssistanceThe scheme's primary objective is to modernize infrastructure for the textile industry, promote balanced regional development, enhance competitiveness, and mobilize private investment. Financial assistance includes support for common infrastructure costs, with grants covering up to 40% of the total project cost excluding land, capped at INR 20 crore per park. It provides financial assistance to developers for creating facilities like internal roads, power distribution, water supply, and effluent treatment plants, among others. Notably, the scheme offers a cluster-based approach to enable textile units to meet environmental and safety standards and create employment opportunities for local youth.Eligibility CriteriaEligible promoters can be government entities, private companies, PSUs, NGOs, cooperatives, or partnerships. Promoters are responsible for land acquisition, ensuring external infrastructure linkages, obtaining necessary approvals, and maintaining common facilities. A detailed project report (DPR) and financial closure must be achieved.Application and DocumentationApplications must be submitted online with a comprehensive DPR detailing the technical, commercial, financial, and management aspects of the project. Documentation required includes land titles, environmental clearances, and financial statements.Procedure for Disbursement and AppealsFunding is disbursed in stages based on the project's progress, with stringent documentation and site inspections required for each tranche. Appeals against decisions can be made, providing a structured process for resolution.Penalties and RecourseStrict penalties are imposed for misrepresentation or misuse of the scheme, including repayment of grants with interest. These measures ensure that the scheme's benefits are used properly and effectively.ConclusionThe Textile Park Scheme is a significant initiative by the Haryana Government to foster growth and modernization in the textile sector. By facilitating the development of well-equipped textile parks, the scheme aims to make Haryana's textile industry more competitive and sustainable, creating job opportunities and boosting the local economy.Rapid Consulting's Role in Facilitating the ProcessRapid Consulting offers specialized services to assist in establishing Textile Parks in Haryana under the 'Textile Park Scheme' as part of the Haryana AatmaNirbhar Textile Policy 2022-25. They support promoters and developers in understanding eligibility criteria, preparing detailed project reports, securing financial assistance, and ensuring compliance with the scheme�s extensive requirements. This includes aiding in obtaining necessary clearances and approvals, managing project implementation, and facilitating the use of financial incentives for creating world-class textile manufacturing infrastructures.Impact of the Scheme on Haryana's Industrial GrowthThe scheme is designed to propel the growth of Haryana's textile industry by overcoming infrastructure bottlenecks and providing a comprehensive setup for the textile value chain. By fostering cluster-based development and providing state-of-the-art facilities, the scheme aims to enhance competitiveness, attract private investment, and create employment opportunities, thus promoting balanced regional development and making Haryana a hub for textile manufacturing.Future Prospects and EnhancementsFuture enhancements may include expanding the scope to more regions, increasing the financial caps for larger projects, or broadening the eligibility criteria to include a wider array of textile-related activities. Integration with national initiatives could amplify the scheme's effectiveness, ensuring that the state's textile industry remains at the forefront of innovation and sustainable practices.FAQs? What is the Textile Park Scheme?This initiative provides financial assistance and support to develop integrated textile parks in Haryana, focusing on creating a complete value chain infrastructure to boost the textile industry.? Who is eligible for this scheme?Promoters and developers, including private entities, PSUs, NGOs, cooperatives, and SHGs, can apply. Eligibility involves financial criteria and the capability to develop and manage a textile park.? How does an enterprise apply for this scheme?Applications must be submitted online through the Directorate of MSME�s portal, including a detailed project report and financial plans.? What are the financial benefits of participating in this scheme?Financial support includes grants-in-aid covering 40% of project costs up to INR 20 crore, stamp duty reimbursements, and exemptions on internal development charges.? What happens if incorrect information is provided in the application?Providing incorrect information may lead to severe penalties, including the repayment of subsidies with interest, legal actions, and potential exclusion from future benefits under state incentives.? How does Rapid Consulting assist in this process?Rapid Consulting navigates the entire application and implementation process, ensuring that projects comply with all regulations and maximize the available financial incentives, thus significantly easing the operational burden for enterprises.Target Sectors in HaryanaThe "Textile Park Scheme" supports the Textile industry across Haryana, focusing on creating integrated textile value chains from spinning to garment manufacturing. This initiative aims to overcome infrastructure bottlenecks and promote an organized development of textile clusters, providing world-class facilities to enhance the operational capacities of textile units.Eligibility for Existing Businesses and New VenturesEligibility extends to government entities, private companies, PSUs, joint ventures, NGOs, cooperatives, and self-help groups capable of developing and managing a Textile Park. To qualify, promoters/developers must ensure the procurement of land, obtain necessary statutory approvals, and secure financial closure for the project.Integration with Other Subsidies and IncentivesThis scheme aligns with the Haryana AatmaNirbhar Textile Policy 2022-25 and the broader Haryana Enterprises and Employment Policy-2020, designed to fortify the textile sector�s infrastructure and operational efficiency while encouraging sustainable and balanced regional development.Application ProcessPromoters must submit applications online with a Detailed Project Report (DPR) and other required documentation through the MSME web portal. The application process includes a comprehensive review and assessment by the Directorate of MSME to ensure compliance and viability.Geographical Preferences in HaryanaFinancial support under the scheme is tailored to promote development in 'B', 'C', and 'D' category blocks, with incentives designed to attract investments into less developed areas, thereby fostering equitable economic growth across the state.SummaryThe Textile Park Scheme offers significant incentives to develop modern infrastructures like roads, power and water supply systems, and common facilities such as effluent treatment plants and solar power plants. By facilitating the development of Textile Parks, the scheme aims to enhance the global competitiveness of Haryana's textile sector, stimulate local employment, and promote sustainable industrial growth.Why Choose Rapid Consulting?? Specialized Expertise: Our team at Rapid Consulting boasts in-depth knowledge of subsidy scheme, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.? End-to-End Assistance: From initial assessment to final application, we manage the entire process, making it seamless and hassle-free for your business.? Maximized Benefits: We ensure that you fully leverage the financial incentives available, boosting your company's growth and profitability.Our Services Includes? Our consultation and assessment services entail evaluating project feasibility, identifying suitable locations, and assessing eligibility for subsidies and incentives. Through meticulous documentation preparation, Rapid Consulting ensures that all necessary paperwork, including applications and supporting documents, is accurately compiled and submitted in a timely manner.? Application management is a critical aspect of their service, where we navigate the complex regulatory landscape, liaise with government authorities, and oversee the entire application process on behalf of investors. This includes thorough follow-up to expedite approvals and address any queries or concerns raised during the evaluation process.? Negotiation is another key competency of Rapid Consulting, as they advocate for their clients' interests during discussions with government bodies and other stakeholders. By leveraging our expertise and industry insights, they strive to secure the most favorable terms and maximize incentives for investors.? Once subsidies are approved, Rapid Consulting ensures efficient disbursement by coordinating with relevant authorities and assisting clients in fulfilling any additional requirements. This streamlined process minimizes delays and ensures that investors can access the financial support they are entitled to.? Post-subsidy support is integral to Rapid Consulting's service offering, where we provide ongoing assistance to clients in leveraging subsidies effectively, monitoring compliance with subsidy conditions, and addressing any post-disbursement issues that may arise. This holistic approach ensures that investors derive maximum benefit from the subsidies received and navigate any challenges with expert guidance.In summary, Rapid Consulting offers end-to-end support for investors seeking to establish textile parks in Haryana, from initial consultation and assessment to subsidy disbursement and post-subsidy support. By combining our industry knowledge, regulatory expertise, and commitment to client success, we play a crucial role in driving industrial growth and investment in the region.How to Reach Us:? Website: Visit our official website for detailed information, service offerings, and to schedule an online consultation.? Direct Contact: Call us at +91-9467248028/9416506136 or email info@rapidconsulting.in to discuss your needs directly with our experts.? Office Visit: Our offices are open for in-person consultations at 134, Rapid Consulting, First floor Below Paysam Restaurant, Near Samsung Care. Lajpat Nagar, Rajgarh Road Hisar, Haryana-125001. Here, you can meet with our consultants who can provide personalized guidance tailored to your business's specific circumstances.Engage with Rapid Consulting today to leverage their expertise in enhancing your business's financial and operational performance through the Collateral Free Credit Guarantee Scheme and other beneficial state initiatives. Whether online, over the phone, or in person, Rapid Consulting is ready to assist you in advancing your business goals in Haryana.

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