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Rapid Consulting facilitates manufacturing industries in Haryana to access capital subsidies for setting up Effluent Treatment Plants and installing Air Pollution Control Devices, covering up to 50% of the capital cost or a maximum of Rs 50 Lakhs. Additionally, subsidies of up to 75% of capital costs, maximum Rs 1 crore, are available for adopting zero effluent discharge and reusing treated wastewater.

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Haryana's Assistance for Environment Compliance Scheme: A Leap Toward Sustainable Industrial DevelopmentIntroductionHaryana's transformation from an agrarian economy to an industrial dynamo is noteworthy. Amidst this evolution, the Haryana Government introduced the "Assistance for Environment Compliance" scheme under the Haryana Enterprises & Employment Policy-2020. This initiative marks a significant stride towards sustainable industrial growth, emphasizing ecological balance and environmental integrity.Historical ContextThe scheme stems from a series of proactive policies aimed at industrial enhancement, including the notable Haryana Enterprises Promotion Policy of 2015 and its subsequent 2020 version. These policies underscore the state's commitment to fostering an eco-friendly and industrially prosperous Haryana.Scheme OverviewLaunched on June 8, 2021, the scheme targets Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), offering financial assistance for the adoption of environmental compliance measures. It underscores the government's "Zero Effect" vision, facilitating investments in Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) and Air Pollution Control Devices.Quantum of AssistanceEligible enterprises can avail of 50% support, up to a maximum of INR 50 lakh, on capital costs for environmental compliance infrastructure. For units achieving zero effluent discharge and reusing treated wastewater, the incentive increases to 75%, with a cap of INR 1 crore.Eligibility CriteriaThe scheme benefits new MSMEs across the state, excluding those in sectors listed under the restrictive category of HEEP-2020. Applicants must have commenced commercial production post-January 1, 2021, and meet specific regulatory compliances, including Udyam Registration and NOC/CLU where applicable.Application ProcessApplications, accompanied by requisite documents, should be submitted via the designated web portal within three months of equipment installation or scheme notification, whichever is later. The process entails scrutiny by district MSME centers and involves no additional documentation barring what is specified.Procedure and DeadlinesA three-month window post-installation of pollution control equipment is provided for claim submission, ensuring timely assistance. The Director/Director General of MSMEs, along with a designated committee, oversees the sanctioning process, including higher subsidy considerations for zero effluent discharge units.Competent Authority and AppealsThe scheme outlines clear competencies for sanctioning and appeals, with the Director/Director General of MSMEs and the Administrative Secretary of Industries & Commerce playing pivotal roles. Provisions for appeal and delay condonation are also included, enhancing transparency and fairness.Penalties and RecourseStrict measures against fraudulent claims safeguard the scheme's integrity, ensuring benefits reach deserving enterprises. Legal actions and financial penalties are stipulated for non-compliance or misinformation.Service Delivery TimelineThe scheme promises efficiency with specified timelines for approval, sanction, and disbursement stages, underscoring the government's commitment to streamlined and effective service delivery.Rapid Consulting's Role in Facilitating the ProcessRapid Consulting provides specialized services to help enterprises understand and effectively utilize the "Assistance for Environment Compliance" scheme in Haryana. They guide businesses through the application process, ensuring compliance with environmental standards, and help maximize the financial benefits from the scheme. This includes assistance with documentation, submission on the web portal, and liaison with the Haryana State Pollution Control Board for certifications needed for higher subsidies.Impact of the Scheme on Haryana's Industrial GrowthThe "Assistance for Environment Compliance" scheme significantly contributes to sustainable industrial growth in Haryana by incentivizing environmental compliance. By supporting the installation of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) and Air Pollution Control Devices, it not only helps industries meet regulatory requirements but also promotes eco-friendly practices. This leads to improved environmental health and supports the state's "Zero Effect" policy on industrial pollution, attracting more responsible investments.Future Prospects and EnhancementsThe scheme has robust potential for future enhancements to further support environmental sustainability in industrial practices. Potential improvements could include increased financial caps for assistance, expansion to cover more types of environmental compliance equipment, and simplified processes for faster claim approvals. Such enhancements would strengthen the scheme's role in promoting environmentally sustainable industrial development in line with global environmental standards.FAQs? What is the Assistance for Environment Compliance in Haryana?This scheme provides financial support for new Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises to comply with environmental regulations by subsidizing the capital cost of installing ETPs and air pollution control devices.? Who is eligible for this assistance?New Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Haryana that have installed ETPs or air pollution control devices and meet specific operational criteria are eligible.? How much financial support can enterprises receive under this scheme?Enterprises can receive up to 50% of the capital costs for environmental compliance installations, with a maximum of INR 50 lakh. For units achieving zero effluent discharge, this subsidy can go up to 75% of the costs, with a ceiling of INR 1 crore.? What is the application process for this scheme?Enterprises must submit an application form along with required documents via the state's web portal within three months of the installation date or from the date of the scheme's notification, whichever is later.? What happens if an enterprise provides false information in their application?Submitting false information can lead to severe penalties, including the repayment of the assistance received with a 12% compound interest rate, legal action, and disqualification from future state incentives.? How does Rapid Consulting assist in this process?Rapid Consulting facilitates the entire process, from application to sanction, ensuring enterprises fully benefit from the scheme with minimal hassle.Target Sectors in HaryanaThe "Assistance for Environment Compliance" scheme supports new micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Haryana. It focuses on enhancing environmental compliance by providing financial assistance for setting up effluent treatment plants (ETP) and air pollution control devices, promoting sustainable industrial practices across all sectors within the state.Eligibility for Existing Businesses and New VenturesEligible enterprises must be newly established MSMEs, operational post January 1, 2021. They should have completed necessary registrations and not be on any restrictive lists. The scheme specifically supports expenses related to the installation of ETP and air pollution control devices, with additional benefits for units adopting zero effluent discharge.Integration with Other Subsidies and IncentivesThis scheme integrates within the broader Haryana Enterprises and Employment Policy 2020, emphasizing sustainable development and 'Zero Effect' on the environment, thereby aligning with other environmental and industrial policies.Application ProcessApplications must be submitted online within three months of equipment installation or from the notification date of the scheme, whichever is later. The process includes document submission and potential inspection by the Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) to verify the installations.Geographical Preferences in HaryanaThe scheme is accessible to new MSMEs across Haryana, ensuring statewide encouragement for environmental compliance in industrial processes, fostering a cleaner and more sustainable industrial environment.SummaryThe "Assistance for Environment Compliance" scheme is designed to support the ecological sustainability of industrial activities in Haryana by subsidizing costs for pollution control installations in new MSMEs. This initiative not only helps businesses comply with environmental regulations but also promotes the broader goal of sustainable development across the state.Why Choose Rapid Consulting?? Specialized Expertise: Our team at Rapid Consulting boasts in-depth knowledge of subsidy schemes, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.? End-to-End Assistance: From initial assessment to final application, we manage the entire process, making it seamless and hassle-free for your business.? Maximized Benefits: We ensure that you fully leverage the financial incentives available, boosting your company's growth and profitability.Our comprehensive services include:? Consultation and Eligibility Assessment: We conduct thorough consultations with clients to assess their eligibility for the subsidy scheme. This involves evaluating their manufacturing processes, environmental impact, and alignment with the scheme's guidelines.? Documentation Preparation: Our team assists in compiling all necessary documentation required for the subsidy application. This includes project reports, cost estimates, specifications of ETPs and APCDs, and other relevant information as per the scheme's requirements.? Application Management: We manage the entire application process, ensuring all documents are completed accurately and submitted on time. We liaise with the relevant government departments and agencies to streamline the submission process and address any queries that may arise during the application review.? Negotiation and Follow-up: We handle negotiations and follow-ups with the authorities on behalf of our clients, ensuring prompt responses to any queries or requests for additional information. Our aim is to facilitate a smooth application review process and maximize the chances of subsidy approval.? Subsidy Disbursement: Upon approval, we assist in facilitating the disbursement of the subsidy amount to our clients. We ensure that all procedural formalities are completed efficiently to enable timely receipt of the subsidy funds.? Post-Subsidy Support: Our services extend beyond subsidy acquisition. We provide ongoing assistance to our clients, helping them with compliance requirements, reporting obligations, and any other post-subsidy concerns.Rapid Consulting's expertise in navigating subsidy schemes aims to support manufacturing industries in Haryana in adopting sustainable practices and mitigating environmental impact, thereby contributing to overall industrial growth and environmental conservation.How to Reach Us:? Website: Visit our official website for detailed information, service offerings, and to schedule an online consultation.? Direct Contact: Call us at +91-9467248028/9416506136 or email info@rapidconsulting.in to discuss your needs directly with our experts.? Office Visit: Our offices are open for in-person consultations at 134, Rapid Consulting, First floor Below Paysam Restaurant, Near Samsung Care. Lajpat Nagar, Rajgarh Road Hisar, Haryana-125001. Here, you can meet with our consultants who can provide personalized guidance tailored to your business's specific circumstances.Engage with Rapid Consulting today to leverage their expertise in enhancing your business's financial and operational performance through the Collateral Free Credit Guarantee Scheme and other beneficial state initiatives. Whether online, over the phone, or in person, Rapid Consulting is ready to assist you in advancing your business goals in Haryana.

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