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Rapid Consulting facilitates manufacturing industries in Haryana to access a subsidy covering 100% of expenses related to domestic and international patent registrations. This includes filing fees, consulting fees, search fees, maintenance fees, and publishing fees, with a maximum reimbursement of Rs 25 lakhs. Our comprehensive support ensures seamless processing for manufacturers seeking to protect their innovations globally.

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Haryana's Patent Registration Scheme for MSMEs: Innovate, Protect, Thrive �Patent Registration Subsidy Fuels Manufacturing Excellence�IntroductionThe Government of Haryana introduced the Patent Registration Scheme as part of the Haryana Enterprises & Employment Policy-2020, aimed at Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) within the state. This initiative seeks to foster innovation and protect the intellectual property of businesses by providing financial assistance for patent registration.ObjectiveThe scheme emphasizes the importance of patents as exclusive rights granted for new inventions that demonstrate an inventive step and industrial applicability. By facilitating patent registrations, the government aims to support enterprises in safeguarding their innovations and traditional products/processes, enhancing their competitiveness in the global market.Quantum of AssistanceEligible enterprises can receive reimbursement covering 100% of actual expenses associated with domestic and international patent registrations. This includes filing fees, consultancy fees, search fees, maintenance fees, and publishing fees, up to a maximum of INR 25 lakhs.Commencement and ApplicabilityThe scheme, effective from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2025, targets MSMEs that have acquired patent registrations after January 1, 2021. This five-year operational period aims to provide substantial support for securing patents on products developed by MSMEs.Eligibility CriteriaTo qualify for financial assistance, enterprises must:? Have a valid Udyam Registration Certificate (URC) and Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (HUM).? Not manufacture items listed on the state's restrictive list.? Have obtained necessary NOC/CLU from competent authorities, if applicable.? Be in commercial production and maintain regular production at the time of disbursement.ProcedureApplications for reimbursement must be submitted through the prescribed form available on the web portal of the Department of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. The application process involves an inspection and scrutiny phase, where any deficiencies identified must be rectified within specified timelines.Time Limit for ApplicationEnterprises must submit their claims within three months from the date of patent registration or from the scheme's notification date, whichever is later.Competent Authority for SanctionThe Director/Director General of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises is designated as the competent authority for sanctioning the subsidy.Appeal ProcessAn appeal mechanism is in place, allowing enterprises to contest decisions within 30 days from the order's communication. The Administrative Secretary of Industries & Commerce, Haryana, handles appeals, with their decision being final.Penal ActionFalse claims may result in legal action, repayment of assistance with interest, and exclusion from future incentives or assistance from the State Government.Service Delivery TimelineThe scheme outlines clear timelines for the approval, sanction, and disbursement of financial assistance, ensuring a systematic and efficient support framework for MSMEs seeking patent registration.Rapid Consulting's Role in Facilitating the ProcessRapid Consulting provides specialized assistance to help Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) navigate the Patent Registration Scheme in Haryana. Their services include guiding businesses through the application process, helping with the preparation and submission of necessary documentation, and ensuring compliance with the scheme's requirements to maximize financial support. Rapid Consulting plays a crucial role in helping businesses secure their innovations and protect their intellectual property effectively.Impact of the Scheme on Haryana's Industrial GrowthThe Patent Registration Scheme significantly contributes to the industrial growth of Haryana by encouraging innovation among MSMEs. By offering financial support for both domestic and international patent registrations, the scheme not only incentivizes innovation but also helps local businesses compete in global markets. This fosters a more innovative business environment and drives technological advancements within the state, enhancing its industrial competitiveness.Future Prospects and EnhancementsThe future prospects for the Patent Registration Scheme may include increasing the funding cap to cover more extensive patent portfolios, expanding the scope to include more industries, and simplifying the application process to encourage more enterprises to apply. These enhancements could lead to greater innovation and industrial diversification in Haryana, supporting its long-term economic development goals.FAQs? What is the Patent Registration Scheme in Haryana?This scheme provides financial support to MSMEs for securing patent registrations, covering 100% of actual expenses up to INR 25 lakhs, to protect their innovations and industrial applications.? Who is eligible for this scheme?Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Haryana that have filed for patents after January 1, 2021, and meet certain operational criteria such as possessing an Udyam Registration Certificate and being in commercial production.? How much financial support can be availed under this scheme?Eligible enterprises can receive reimbursement for the full cost of patent registration, including filing, consultancy, search, maintenance, and publishing fees, up to a maximum of INR 25 lakhs.? What is the application process for the Patent Registration Scheme?Applications must be submitted online through the Department�s web portal, along with required documents, within three months of patent registration or from the date of the scheme�s notification, whichever is later.? What happens if an enterprise provides false information to claim the subsidy?Providing false information can lead to severe penalties, including the repayment of the subsidy with a compound interest rate of 12% per annum, legal actions, and disqualification from future incentives from the state government.? How does Rapid Consulting assist in this process?Rapid Consulting facilitates the entire process, from application to sanction, ensuring enterprises fully benefit from the scheme with minimal hassle.Target Sectors in HaryanaThe "Stamp Duty Refund Scheme" is aimed at various categories of enterprises in Haryana, including micro, small, medium, large, mega projects, and specific sectors like Electronics System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM), Import Substitution, and Essential Sector Enterprises. The scheme encourages investment in designated industrial blocks by offering a refund of stamp duty paid on land acquired for industrial use.Eligibility for Existing Businesses and New VenturesTo qualify for the refund, enterprises must commence commercial production within five years from the date of land purchase, register the land prior to December 31, 2025, and not be on the state's restrictive list. All enterprises must also comply with state registration and regulatory requirements.Integration with Other Subsidies and IncentivesThis stamp duty refund is part of the broader Haryana Enterprises and Employment Policy 2020, designed to foster economic growth by reducing upfront costs associated with setting up industrial operations, thereby making Haryana an attractive investment destination.Application ProcessEnterprises must apply within three months after the commencement of production or the complete development of infrastructure in the case of industrial parks. The application process involves submission through a web portal and includes scrutiny by district industrial centers.Geographical Preferences in HaryanaThe refund rates vary based on the classification of blocks ('B', 'C', 'D'), with the highest refunds in the least developed 'D' category blocks. This geographical differentiation aims to promote balanced regional development.SummaryThe "Stamp Duty Refund Scheme" under the Haryana Enterprises & Employment Policy 2020 provides significant financial incentives for enterprises establishing operations in the state. By refunding stamp duty, the scheme lowers the cost of setting up new industrial units or expanding existing ones, fostering economic growth and industrial diversification across Haryana.Why Choose Rapid Consulting?? Specialized Expertise: Our team at Rapid Consulting boasts in-depth knowledge of subsidy schemes, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.? End-to-End Assistance: From initial assessment to final application, we manage the entire process, making it seamless and hassle-free for your business.? Maximized Benefits: We ensure that you fully leverage the financial incentives available, boosting your company's growth and profitability.Our comprehensive services include:? Consultation and Eligibility Assessment: We conduct thorough consultations with clients to assess their eligibility for the patent registration subsidy. This involves evaluating their innovative products or processes and aligning them with the scheme's guidelines.? Documentation Preparation: Our expert team assists in preparing all necessary documentation required for the subsidy application. This includes compiling invoices, receipts, patent application forms, and other relevant information as per the scheme's requirements.? Application Management: We manage the entire application process, ensuring all documents are completed accurately and submitted on time. Our professionals liaise with patent offices and regulatory bodies to streamline the submission process and address any queries.? Negotiation and Follow-up: We handle negotiations and follow-ups with patent offices and regulatory bodies on behalf of our clients, ensuring prompt responses to any queries or requests for additional information. Our aim is to facilitate a smooth application review process and maximize the chances of subsidy approval.? Subsidy Disbursement: Upon approval, we assist in facilitating the disbursement of the subsidy amount to our clients. We ensure that all procedural formalities are completed efficiently to enable timely receipt of the subsidy funds.? Post-Subsidy Support: After subsidy approval, we provide ongoing assistance to our clients. This includes monitoring compliance requirements, assisting with reporting obligations, and addressing any post-subsidy concerns.Rapid Consulting's expertise in subsidy acquisition and post-subsidy support aims to empower manufacturing industries in Haryana to protect their innovations through patent registrations, fostering growth and competitiveness in the sector.How to Reach Us:? Website: Visit our official website for detailed information, service offerings, and to schedule an online consultation.? Direct Contact: Call us at +91-9467248028/9416506136 or email to discuss your needs directly with our experts.? Office Visit: Our offices are open for in-person consultations at 134, Rapid Consulting, First floor Below Paysam Restaurant, Near Samsung Care. Lajpat Nagar, Rajgarh Road Hisar, Haryana-125001. Here, you can meet with our consultants who can provide personalized guidance tailored to your business's specific circumstances.Engage with Rapid Consulting today to leverage their expertise in enhancing your business's financial and operational performance through the Collateral Free Credit Guarantee Scheme and other beneficial state initiatives. Whether online, over the phone, or in person, Rapid Consulting is ready to assist you in advancing your business goals in Haryana..

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